Victoria Baird

What made me the happiest working with Kathy is that I didn’t have to toss everything and start from scratch. Her ability to mesh my current belongings that I love with updated finishes, elements or accent pieces is amazing!! And she stayed within my budget. I am thrilled with the end result!

Stacey Ford

There are so many reasons that I would choose Kat +Co. Interiors for all aspects of home renovations. Whether it is designing a space or layout, picking colours for paint, furniture, textiles, rugs, etc. Kat + Co is knowledgeable in all areas of home design and decor and pulling it all together.

Being able to share ideas together, being able to just say “you make the choice” and loving it. Being able to see things transform from old into new. I loved all our appointments when we got to work together and go through piles and piles of fabric samples and many other things. I loved the flexibility of attending flooring stores or plumbing stores, etc.

Kat+Co was a super amazing help in our home renovation and I could not have done it without her. I would say she’s personable, dependable, flexible. She is friendly, incredibly hard working, she will not only source and consider things you want, but things she “thinks” you might want, that you didn’t even know that you wanted…but turns out you did. She is that good at what she does!

The end results of working with Kat+Co are simply amazing. She assisted in directing and showing and choosing things that were not something we would or could have thought of. She brought things together from one room to the next. The results are stunning, and we aren’t even done yet. We have a few rooms still to finish and can’t wait to get her back here to finish them off and tie them all together.

Kat+Co helped us bring our home interior up a few levels to a higher, more professionally designed and decorated home. I would have shopped at the usual department or every day stores, Kat+Co sourced and had access to other amazing companies that had so much more to offer.

Every day I walk through our home and see amazing things that I would have never looked at or thought to look at and I still feel happy and love every day with all the choices she presented and we made.

I would recommend it because the end results are amazing. To work with someone educated and knowledgeable about design and decorating and flow, etc. in your home has been an extraordinary experience. I don’t possess any natural ability to design or decorate, but have strong opinions about the things I like and don’t like or want/don’t want, so to have the guidance to bring an entire home renovation together into something modern, trendy and beautiful….Thank you Kat!


Shannon Omstead

Kat is a pleasure to work with! She asks pertinent questions to draw out the features that develop your taste and style. She incorporates this into the design options that she provides to make your house a home, your own creative masterpiece. I am looking forward to working with Kat on other projects. She is responsive and has an uplifting personality which makes the process enjoyable.


Cindy Gillett

Main reason: Recently retired, my spouse and I decided to move from the GTA to Essex County. We were looking for a mid-century ranch style home, preferable on a ravine lot and close enough to a downtown shopping area that we could walk to. We found our home in Kingsville. Beautiful setting, the ranch-style that we were looking for, but the interior needed a major make-over. Not just cosmetic, but structural also. We needed a team to help us create the home that we wanted. A contractor, an engineer and a designer. I met with Kathy shortly after we purchased the house. We discussed our needs and wants for the new design. After a few weeks, Kathy provided me with a number of possible design layouts. She worked with us until we had a plan that suited our needs and desires. Kathy consulted with both the contractor and engineer to ensure the practicality of the design and incorporated their ideas. This was key to the overall project – having all parties on the same page.

End results: This major home renovation required us to make many decisions in a timely fashion. Planning is essential. Materials must be available for the contractor to move forward with the project. Delays cost time and money, and of course, we were trying to minimize both. Finishes such as countertops, flooring, cabinetry, bathroom fixtures, tile and lighting take time to select. Depending upon what was selected, it can take months to receive. The big items like cabinets you would expect to take substantial time, but my brick for the fireplace took about as long as the cabinets. Kathy helped us make excellent decisions. Products were available when the trades were ready for them. An example of how Kathy made our decision process easier is our selection of lighting. We needed to select lighting for the entire house. This felt like a very daunting task for us. Kathy provided us with four different lighting packages for our consideration. The lighting fixtures in a given package complemented each other. This made the final selection of lighting so much easier and ensured that the design of the lighting flowed throughout the house. Working with Kathy saved us money. It allowed us to make the best decisions and keep the construction moving forward at a good pace. I love the final results and expect to continue loving it for many years to come. Thanks, Kathy!


Angela Faulk

After moving into our newly built home, I wanted help with how to furnish the new space and make it feel like a home. Speaking with Kathy, over the phone and discussing ideas through email, put me at ease knowing she would help me make decisions. She worked with me to create a functional layout and, for me, the best part, help pick out furniture. Kathy did a wonderful job of identifying my style and taste and provide me with lots of options for furniture and accents. She made furnishing my home stress-free and selected options within my budget. I would strongly recommend Kathy for your interior design needs!


Lindsey Ecker

Kat is a wonderful support and resource when you are building or renovating! I felt my blood pressure and stress decrease immediately when we talked on the phone! We worked out so many details in a short time and I’m excited about our next meeting at the next stage!


Dawn Tiessen

Considering the before and after images of our “new-to-us” home, I know how privileged we are to have had Kat guide us through the maze of countless choices. With her support, we coordinated furniture styles, paint colours, hardwood floor finishes, cabinet and fixture selections, window coverings, and planned an easy flow of traffic in our home. Her attention to detail and remarkable ability to relate to our unique preferences and our life-style needs, resulted in providing a perfect balance of form and function for our family. She was considerate of our budget, suggesting ways for us to save. She patiently gave us an appropriate amount of time, and a number of suggestions, to ensure the best options, and to avoid costly mistakes. Whether it be a small makeover, a major renovation, or a new build, Kat has a gift for working seamlessly with her clients, always mindful of her clients’ needs and tastes. She works to create a stress-free, enjoyable experience.


Bill Fields

You provided a reflective response to Cindy that was qualified. This relieved me of commenting on things that were not of primary interest to me and that I was dismal at, anyways. As I said before, you helped sort out viable answers from the myriad of options and also offered vendor reductions.

Sandra Dick

We loved working with Kathy as we made plans for our renovation. She made suggestions that we hadn’t thought of, and offered new perspectives on things we’d been staring at for way too long already. (We should have called her sooner!) We were so grateful for the peace of mind we had after going over our plans for our new space together, and no longer worried about regrets!

Nikki Lahoud

I would recommend working with Kathy because she knows what she’s doing and has lots of experience planning kitchens. She was able to take my vision and tweak it to work in our space (which is a 1980s house). She was practical and didn’t try to push me into going outside my budget. When I wanted curtains she had a huge selection to choose from and found exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t have to worry about getting the wrong size or fabric for my space. Kathy is very easy to work with and treated us like million dollar clients. I would highly recommend her and have already spread the word to my friends and family.

June Doyle-Maclean

Kathy has a great deal of experience and a comfort level with all different types of homes and designs. She can provide a fresh perspective to help attain your dream home. She has experience working with contractors and will help to keep everyone organized.

Meaghan Klassen

Working with Kat + Co. Interiors made things easy and stress free. Kathy is very professional and gets things done in a very timely manner. She has a real eye for detail and offered excellent ideas and different options. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with home design.

Shelley Enns

I called Kathy while we were in the middle of our addition. She quickly took away my overwhelmed feelings, and replaced them with new inspiration to finish the job. Two years later, I still smile when I walk into the space and notice all the little details she brought together to make gorgeous rooms for us to enjoy!