You are overwhelmed by the amount of choices you need to make. Paint colours, finishes, flooring, fabrics, furniture, lighting… The list goes on and you want to run.

Something’s off and you can’t quite put your finger on it… your home is nice, but you still feel frustrated.

If you’ve ever walked into one of your rooms and found yourself discouraged by it’s lack of function, dated colour scheme, the tired furniture, or even the location of the walls themselves…

I’m the designer for you.

You want unique pieces and a home that reflects your tastes, not a sea of beige cookie-cutter sameness.

You want your home to flow nicely from room to room – rather than a hodgepodge of distinctly different choices, you want a look and feel of refinement.

You want your home to function beautifully, too. After all, you are spending hours of every day of your life in your kitchen, bath, and bedrooms – instead of feeling cramped or inconvenient, these rooms need to support the way you live.

From the unique pieces I source to the imaginative design solutions I create, Kat + Co. Interiors helps you achieve all those goals and more.

Hi, I’m Kat –

I’m more than just your average designer.

First, I’m a master sourcer. That means I can find the perfect furnishings, art, and accessories for your room – pieces you’ve never even thought of!

And even better?

I’m a problem solver. What does that mean? Well, there are two ways to deal with every design problem. The first method is to just cover it up and try to camouflage an issue or just make it LOOK better with cosmetic changes. Other designers may choose this route but not me.

The second, better way, though, is to solve the problem. That might mean adding storage to a laundry room, or removing a useless butler’s pantry to open up the flow of your kitchen. I break down the problem into small, actionable steps and turn your problem area into an elegant, functional design solution. (Oh, and of course I make the new space as beautiful as it is functional!)

In addition to my role here at Kat + Co., I’m a wife and mother of 3. Our kids range in age from 7-16yrs. Our kids are very involved in sports and extracurricular activities and YES! I am a hockey mom!

We live in the country with lots of space for our kids to run. We have 2 indoor cats, numerous barn cats and a dog who loves to chase basically whatever lands or walks on our property.

I am a planner and an organizer. Remember the show Friends? I am Monica minus the cooking. I hate to cook but I love me a well designed and organized kitchen!

As you read on, you’ll notice that I use the term refinement a lot. The concept of refinement factors into every project I design. To me, design is so much more than picking pretty things. Instead, I help you live a better life by removing unwanted elements (the clutter) and making intelligent changes.

Interested in working with me in person? Check out my Local Design page and FAQ’s page to read about how I can help you refine your living spaces.

Not in Essex County? Click on my E-Design page to learn more about how we can work together online.