Yesterday I ventured out to grocery shop for my 86 year old mother and wheelchair-bound brother so that they would not have to. Let me tell you that if you want to pass 3hrs of your time, this is the way to do it! It was my first time out in public in over 3 weeks because I myself had been ill and had to have surgery. Thankfully this all happened weeks before the COVID-19 shutdowns but it extended my stay inside time.

As I attempted to enter the store, I was redirected by staff to use another door, staff then directed me to sanitized carts and I was then set off on my own. As I stood in the grocery store, I was immediately flooded with emotion as I took stock of the moment. I was standing there, with gloves and face mask on, attempting to avoid all human contact. Wham! That realization hit me and hit me hard. I found it difficult to keep the tears at bay. I just could not believe that we are in this position! The entire world is in this position and affected by the virus. I don’t even want to use it’s name.

Amid all of the fear, the desperation that overwhelms us, there is Hope and it is easy to find!

I am finding Hope, Joy, and Peace through art. There are some really great artists that I follow on Instagram and I want to share them with you in the hopes that you too may find comfort in their work.

The artwork that I am most drawn to at this time is this piece by Sandra Ellis. She is a local artist and a former teacher of mine from the Interior Design Program at St. Clair College. I love this piece so much! The bright cheerful yellow, the connectivity of people, the round centre, square edge… I could go on and on. This resonates with Hope for me. I want to frame this in a thick black frame and hang it where I will see it every day, multiple times. Find Sandra Ellis on Instagram here to request yours!

We are all in this together by Sandra Ellis

Sandra has since added similar works and now has a collection.

Stay home (but wave hello) by Sandra Ellis
Stay in touch by Sandra Ellis

To feel calm, I follow Petros Koublis on Instagram here. His photography is so serene and calming. I could stare at it for hours! Here are a few of my favourites. Titled in order, Berenices, Seagreen, Cymbala, Mejilla. I imagine the little goat Cymbala for use on a bedroom wall. It adds whimsy to the calm. I think it would be fun to wake up every morning looking at him!

For some fun beach whimsy, I follow Theresa Losa on Instagram here. She creates other beautiful works but its the beach scenes that draw me in. I love her mix of background block colours and the fun aerial views.

Theresa Laso “Take Me To The Beach
Theresa Losa “Tangled Up In Blue

Oh, do I love this next artist’s work! She does nature in the abstract like no other! Love love love her work! I have even specified it for clients, I love it that much! Holly Van Hart has a way of drawing you into her scenes. You can follow her on Instagram here. “The Freedom of Air” and “Dreaming In Full Color” are two of my favourites.

I was introduced to this next Canadian artist by a client of mine. She walked me through a few of the works that she owned with such love and adoration for the artist that I fell in love too. Elly MacKay is an author and illustrator, winning numerous awards. Her whimsical artwork would be perfect for a children’s room and I would love to see one of her prints done as a wall mural. “The Perfect Chair” would be my choice for a mural! Below are a few of my favourites, “The Perfect Chair”, “Catch” and “Floating”. Follow Elly on Instagram here.

Lastly, I would like to introduce you to Yoon Hyup. Yoon is an abstract artist using a series of lines and dots to complete his works. I find them fascinating! My favourites are his night scenes of dizzy lights as if speeding by car. Yoon’s work has been featured all over the world and he has teamed up with some pretty big manufacturers like Nike, Swell, Dior, and Cinelli to name a few. You can follow him on Instagram here.

Yoon HyupSound Of Friday 1
Yoon HyupUnderwater

I hope that you find yourself scrolling through beautiful images more than catching up on the latest virus updates. Keep your mind sane and upbeat and find joy in each of your days. Today and always!

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