What if I told you that there is a product out on the market today that will ensure you never have to wait in line for toilet paper? It is environmentally conscious in that it reduces the need for toilet paper at all. This product will make your Airbnb rental more appealing to renters as even hotels are installing them to give their brand an edge on the competition. This device will help you in your recovery from surgery and enable our ageing population to remain self-sufficient, reducing the need for assisted care.

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it!? While at KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) in Vegas this past January, I visited the Toto booth and was introduced to their Washlet system. The Washlet is offered as a seat that can be adapted to most toilets or as a complete toilet system.

The above images were provided by Patti Lynn Sharp of An Inside Job Interior Design and Sara Lewis of Lochwood Design. Both of these ladies helped me out when I was so caught up with gaining information, that I forgot to take pics from the booth.

The amazing part of this system is the wash wand. It cleans those hard to reach places. With the touch of a button, the wand extends from under the seat. This magic wand offers 4 types of cleansing spray options while cleaning and disinfecting itself using electrolyzed water.


The Washlet system features a heated seat, an auto-open/close lid eliminating the need to touch the toilet surface. This product is ADA compliant, meets EPA standards for water efficiency and meets all of the California Energy Commission requirements. If you don’t already know, California has the most strict guidelines for product requirements. If it passes approval in California, it will pass anywhere.

Available options with this system include instantaneous water heating, water pressure control, warm air drying, deodorizer, remote control and night light.

There is a catch. You will require a power source near your toilet. If you are renovating or building, I highly recommend that you install an outlet by the toilet. This is our future!


Canadian retail pricing ranges from $674.00 for the base model seat (A100Sw2014#01) to $4,549.00 for the full toilet system (MS920CEMFG#01). I’ve seen toilets with way less features cost upwards of $10,000.00. These prices are a bargain when considering all of the features and benefits!

Other manufacturers are jumping onto this train of thought as well. Kohler offers a battery-operated version and manufacturers are now making toilets with an extra hole on the base by the tank to accommodate the wiring and plumbing hookups for these types of seat units. As more and more consumers recognize the importance of these features, more and more manufacturers will add these systems to their product lineups thus driving down the cost.

Have you ever had surgery and found it difficult to reach down there? Ever suffered from a sore back and found yourself unable to move let alone reach around your bottom? Has an ageing parent or grandparent ever required assisted care because of an inability to maintain proper hygiene? This one little seat can assist with all of that and save trees by eliminating the need for toilet paper. Because of it’s sanitizing systems, it reduces the need for harsh chemicals to disinfect which is ultimately better for our planet.

Amazing how one little change in your bathroom can offer so many great benefits!

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