Sorry, no reveal this week. The teen bedroom is in sight though! A lot has happened over the past 3 weeks, though not visibly. The room is still very much functioning as my office.

If you are reading this blog for the first time, I have entered the One Room Challenge as a guest participant and have chosen to make over my home office into a teen bedroom. You can catch up here on week 1, week 2, and week 3.

Yes! You are reading the week number correctly. I missed posting on week 4 & 5! Let me explain the reasons why… Life happened. I am so fortunate to be able to invest time with my family and take time off of work to do so. During the past 3 weeks, I have travelled to California with my husband for a business trip, I was able to be a parent driver to every one of my daughter’s regular-season basketball games and I was also blessed to be a parent driver for her basketball tournament in Hamilton. In 2 weeks, I had only slept in my own bed for 6 of the 14 days.

Let me take a minute to go off on a tangent here a bit and explain about how much love I have for girl’s high school basketball!! I absolutely love watching these young girls come into their own! They mature and evolve so much during the season. The changes that we see on the court translate off of the court as well. This past weekend while at our tournament, I witnessed my own daughter’s transformation. She began her tournament meek and afraid of receiving the ball to full-on confidence as a point scorer and realizing how to use that tall, strong body she is so fortunate to have been blessed with. It took playing a team that challenged our girls for her to step up. But isn’t that real life? It’s our challenges that force us to recognize our potential. Love, Love, Love girl’s high school basketball!

Now! Back to my Teen Girl Bedroom!!

The wallpaper has been ordered! The installer has been booked! The bed style and fabric have been chosen. We had to wait on a few other samples arriving to make all of our choices. The samples arrived while we were away so orders will be placed soon.

We have also made some changes to the design plan. As with any design plan, it evolves as time goes on.

We originally had chosen this chair as her desk chair. Love it!

We loved this chair for its natural materials and shades. After seeing a similar chair in the 3D room view, we decided that because of her small room, an acrylic “invisible” chair would be best.

We have the desk chair narrowed down to…

My vote goes to the 1st chair because of the feet. I’m nervous about the condition of the beautiful wool rug after my teen has dragged the desk chair across it multiple times.

We will also be changing out the style of the bench. While working on a client project, I found a beautiful bench with the size and dimension that we need to create a window seat with pillows in the bedroom. The bench needs some work to make it perfect for our space though. I will be ordering a fabulous new fabric to cover the bench and I will have my painter paint the wood to suit the room.

We decided that the dresser that my daughter currently uses meets the size, scale and style better than anything currently on the market. I will have my painter paint it out in a soft powder blue to compliment the wallpaper. I looked into replacing the hardware on her dresser but because it has so many large knobs, it would cost more to replace the hardware than it would cost to order a completely new dresser. No joke! The current hardware will have to stay to keep this room on budget.

Let’s talk about pillows!! There is a brand that I carry that produces the most fabulous pillows! These pillows are customizable and orderable in multiple sizes. They are outdoor-friendly, so perfect for the not so careful teenagers. We are going to have fun with the pillows!!

We will keep the current blind that is in the window. It is a fun tone on tone splatter fabric. The blind is of such high quality and will suit the room when completed. The blind is from a line that I carry from a Canadian made company that I absolutely love. The fabric choices are numerous and the mechanisms are superior.

One thing that I love to do with windows is to layer fabric drapery with binds. This adds dimension to the room and cozies up the space while at the same time providing multiple options for light blocking. We have chosen a beautiful custom drapery panel in a linen-look fabric. I do not recommend 100% linen for drapery as linen shrinks and expands depending on the climate and humidity of the room. Stretching can also be a major issue with linen drapery. The taller the window, the more stretch you can expect from the weight of the linen.

Since Custom drapery takes 4-6 weeks to fabricate, the window drapery panels are not complete and the room is not ready to present. The wall paper has still not arrived and some of the furniture still needs to be ordered. When I started this challenge, I wanted to show the reality of how long it actually takes to redecorate one room. It can’t happen in 6 weeks, at least not in my area and not with customization. I will for sure consider taking part as a guest designer in the One Room Challenge again though! Watch for a new space to be redecorated in the spring!

To keep everyone’s attention, the next time that I participate in the One Room Challenge, I will have started the project beforehand. I will have the design set, the furnishings, wallpapers, fixtures, etc. pre-ordered so that the updates of the install process will be a bit more fun and I can actually present my reveal on time!

Be assured that once this teen room is complete, I will post an update with images of the finished space.

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