This past week has gone by really quickly for me! Maybe not quick enough for my teenaged daughter though. If you have found my blog through the ORC site, I am turning my home office into a teen girl bedroom. I am participating as a guest participant in the Fall One Room Challenge.

I should explain the difference between a guest participant and a featured designer. A Featured Designer is one of 20 design influencers, chosen by the organizers to participate in the challenge. These designers create a design plan ahead of time and best of all, their rooms are sponsored. Meaning that companies agree to provide products for the desiner’s rooms. Most designers would order their products ahead of time so that everything is delivered in time to complete the challenge. Some might say that this is cheating but it isn’t really a contest to see who can complete a room the fastest, it is about documenting the stages of design, sourcing, implementation, and completion that’s really juicy. Who wants to read the same blog for 18 weeks? This is the actual length of time. 12 weeks of that is just waiting. Waiting for samples to arrive, then waiting for furniture to be made, waiting for products to be delivered and waiting for paint to dry. Not much fun to read about.

A Guest Participant is a designer who chooses to enter the challenge on their own. The only requirement is that the blog posts or social media posts are linked back to the One Room Challenge site. Have a look through at the other guest participants. It is interesting to see what everyone chooses to do and how they decide to tackle their projects. Guest Participants do not recieve the sponsoring companies items. That’s not to say they don’t recieve some type of sponsorship. I myself have companies offering to give me an increased discount if using their product during the challenge. Well, I’ve had one.

I have chosen to start my project on the 1st day as if I met with my client that day and to document the process along the way. I will also surrender right now, that this room will not be done within the time frame but I’m ok with that. This is fun and I hope that it enlightens clients as to what really goes on behind the scenes.

As you all know, I have decide to turn my home office into a beautiful teen girl bedroom. I most certainly have had some hiccups this past week. Some of you may have seen my social media post, “Road Blocks Ahead” .

This was referencing the difference of opinion between my daughter and myself. The real problem is that I haven’t been treating her like a client. I needed to switch my gears and approach this project as I would any other project.

So, here is the room layout that we worked on together.

Originally, I wanted the bed on the opposite wall because then it would be facing East. Our human internal clocks prefer to have the sun rise up over us. Unfortunately because of the door placement, this proved to block the flow of the room. Think of setting a small animal loose within the space, where will it get trapped? So, to keep the flow moving, the sun will just have to rise up over her backwards.

Another reason for changing the bed location is that we wanted it and the funky wallpapered wall to be the focus. Placing the bed on the East wall gives us the immediate Wow! factor when we enter.

Looking at the above images, please don’t think that this will be her room. I have used catalogue images from my design program to create the room. My catalogue is limited. The dimensions of the room and everything in it is correct but colours and styles will be different.

Now that we have a design plan set, we can get to work on sourcing what will go into the room. I have wallpaper and fabric samples on order so that we can choose the best mix for the room. Ordering samples for approval adds time but is oh-so important to getting a room right. I would never skip this step with a client and since the wallpaper is our jumping off point. We need to be sure that we have chosen the right one.

Stay tuned next week to see what we have chosen.

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