I am not an appliance sales person. I will never pretend to be so please don’t expect your appliance sales person to be your designer too.

Kitchen design is a well thought out plan. Function, ease of use and aesthetics all play roles in how a kitchen is designed. First and foremost is function! A kitchen must function properly for your lifestyle and own personal habits. There is a formula, it is called the magic triangle but appliance categories are so vast these days that it is so much more than a working triangle.

Based on function and your habits, I will recommend appliance categories. A microwave drawer vs a wall unit. A free standing oven range or a wall oven, should the dishwasher be placed on the left or the right of the sink? To provide these answers we will first sit down together and discuss how you like to use your kitchen. We will talk about being left handed or right handed. I will also want to see you in your kitchen so please don’t clean up before I arrive. This helps me build a picture of how you currently use your space and how we can improve or design a new kitchen to fit your own personal living style.

A lot of times the appliance wish list is long but the kitchen is short on space. Consult with your designer before you start picking out your dream wine cooler or built-in espresso machine as there may not be room enough for one. Trust me, your appliance sales person will thank you for knowing your kitchen layout before you head in there with your wish list. No point in shopping for something that won’t fit.

Recently, I was working on a project that frustrated the cabinet manufacturer because they felt that the client wasn’t being sold the appropriate appliances. The problem was that the client wasn’t aware of what they should be requesting because they shopped their appliances first. The appliance sales person was only providing what the client asked for.

This is where a designer comes in. A designer takes the whole picture into account. How other rooms relate to the kitchen, how the kitchen will be used, how many people will be using the kitchen at any one time, traffic flow, the list goes on and on.

An appliance sales person is an expert in appliances. Consult them once you know your kitchen layout and they will recommend the best appliance for your use!

If you are planning a new kitchen or renovating one, contact me today and set up a consultation to get the planning started!

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