I am often asked about the process involved in planning a kitchen and have laid it out so that you all can see what is involved.

Initial Contact. This is where you, the client have decided that it is time to plan your kitchen. You call me and set up an appointment for us to sit down and go over the details of your project.

First Meeting. I will come with note pad and tape measure in hand. I will ask you a ton of questions about what you aren’t happy with and what you want to change about your kitchen. Then we will get into you “wants” and “must haves” for your new dream kitchen. I will measure your space and take detailed notes. This meeting usually takes about 2hrs. I don’t just come out and measure then leave. As a designer, it is my job to get all of the details of your project in order to design for you a kitchen that not only looks beautiful but functions the best for you in your space.

After this meeting, I will ask you to share all of your inspiration images from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and any other sources you may have. Then I will hunker down in my office to draw out all of the ideas that we discussed together. This gives us direction and allows me to provide you with a cost estimate. This is purely for estimating purposes. Your design is not set in stone and will be a basic drawing.

2nd Meeting. Delivery of design plan and cost estimate. At this point, we will review the layout that was discussed at our first meeting and I will provide you with an estimate of what your new kitchen is going to cost. Once you fall in love and sign on the dotted line and deliver your deposit, your project is now officially in my books!

Your new kitchen is now clearly in sight! Congratulations! Now, let’s get down to the details!

After you give the go ahead, we will go over in detail some ideas that came to me while drawing up your new kitchen. I may then be able to provide you with some different ideas to make your kitchen beautiful and function efficiently. We will go over the inital drawing and tweak it to suit your budget, style and lifestyle. Function is the priority here then we make it beautiful!

Details. Once your cabinetry layout has been finalized, we will then discuss finishes, countertops, backsplash, faucets, sinks, lighting, window treatments, handles/pulls, all of the details that will finish and personalize your space.

Designing a kitchen, the space that you will spend a lot of time in takes time. The whole picture is taken into account within your home, not just the kitchen. It is a process to get to the gem of a design and shouldn’t be rushed. I never take the get in/get out approach. Ever.

Considering a kitchen renovation or looking to plan the kitchen of your new build? Contact me today to schedule your consult!

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