I have something very important to share with you, I am a Holistic Designer.

Uh-oh! I said a word that seems to be thrown about an awful lot lately… 

What exactly is a holistic designer, anyway? Well, let’s take a look at the word “Holistic”. Holistic is derived from the Greek word “holos” meaning “entire” or “all”. 

Simply put, Holistic Design is the practice of taking the whole picture into account. It is an understanding that all of the parts of a space and within a space are intimately connected. It is ensuring that all of the parts are balanced.

Why is that even important?? Well, one aspect of holistic design is in the way items are sourced. Let’s look at buying a new sofa… When you realize that the person making your sofa was paid a fair wage, that the sofa was made with quality materials that will last a long time, the materials were ethically sourced and will not harm our health or our environment, it becomes very important. Holistic Design considers all of these factors and not just whether or not this new sofa will fit and looks pretty in your home.

There are so many interconnected parts and information to choosing the right products and design or layout for your home. When I go sourcing, I ask a ton of questions and quite often, I stump the sales associate. I want to provide my clients with ethically made and sourced items. I want to ensure the least negative impact on the environment. I want items that will not harm our health and I want quality! I want these items that I source to last a really, really long time. 

We live in a disposable society that purchases and discards items at an alarming rate. We are obsessed with stuff, accumulating it, and throwing it away. This mentality is taking a huge toll on our environment. Furniture and decor items are a big factor contributing to this problem and filling up landfills.

While a sofa is not something that a household purchases new every year, when we do purchase, we need to take the time and invest in a sofa that will not end up in a landfill but rather, recovered and repurposed later on. 

Recently, a client was struggling with storage issues in her bedroom closets. Taking a look at the whole home and the bigger picture, my client actually struggled with storage, period. We needed to increase storage in most of the rooms in her home which in turn led to alleviating the strain on storage in the bedrooms. I could have just designed a custom storage unit for each closet. Which I did, but I took it much further. I investigated her lifestyle. I studied how she lived and used her home. I looked at her creature habits, her interests and the contents of her home. After compiling this information, I was able to offer my client solutions to increase her storage and improve her lifestyle. 

I’m not just talking about sofas or closets. I am talking about every item and room in your home. Every single element. A Holistic Designer looks at every piece like that of a puzzle and considers all of these factors before recommending a product. A Holistic Designer educates clients on options for products giving the homeowner complete control over what enters their home. 

Take a look at my blog post, “Her Mama Said What?!” Holistic Design does not limit itself to the products in our homes but looks at the home as a whole. How each room, item, appliance, closet, etc., work together to make a space that functions well and improves our lives and health.

This is my passion. I am a Holistic Designer.

Do you want your home to function better? Do you want items in your home that are sustainably and ethically sourced? Contact me today and let’s work together!

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