I am so super excited to share some big news with you all!!

Canadian Designer and HGTV superstar Sarah Richardson, has partnered up with Canadian home furnishings brand, Palliser on her own line of furniture, rugs and throws.  A very smart partnership as Palliser is the largest home furnishings manufacturer and supplier in Canada.

I was recently able to view and test drive these amazing products at the High Point Market in North Carolina. This event is open to the trade only and I was treated with a personal walkthrough of the showrooms by none other than the very lovely Natalie Hodgins.  You may remember Natalie from Sarah Richardson’s HGTV shows as one of her staff designers. We also caught Sarah herself, tidying up and running the vacuum on our walk through. A great designer paying attention to detail!

Sarah Richardson, her team of designers and the design team at Palliser, have collaborated on 4 collections that are sure to suit your style!  These collections offer a transitional approach to contemporary design. They each have been created at an affordable price point while paying close attention to design, quality and value.  I can’t wait to get these into my client’s homes!

The Shore Collection offers a coastal vibe.  Sarah and her team paid special attention to detail in the designing of hand-woven drawer and door fronts as well as linen cast resin tops.  This collection is textural and beautiful! A feature that I must draw your attention to: the cabinet bases of the Shore Collection were smartly designed to remain the same while adding interest in changing up the bodies of the cabinets. Fabrics in this collection are light and fresh giving off a very coastal look.

The Vista Collection is a little more contemporary while still remaining transitional.  With vibrant accents, this collection will appeal to those that like to add a dash of excitement to an otherwise calm space.  I was particularly impressed with the oak veneer parquetry on the table tops. The parquetry has been created beautifully paying close attention to detail and quality.

The Annex highlights natural finishes.  It offers clean lines and bold colours with sleek styling.  Sarah Richardson’s swirl and burl ash veneer has a very eloquent look in the checkerboard pattern.  The pattern has been exquisitely executed, again showing off Sarah’s penchant for detail.

The Boulevard Collection provides a more modern look while still remaining very classic.  The rounded edges play up on that modern vibe while offering very practical solutions for consumers like myself who constantly smash their leg while walking around the corner of the bed.  A recline option is available on some of the seating pieces. The design has been well thought out and the quality is apparent.

Now let’s talk about what I really thought!  Honestly, I loved every piece in Sarah Richardson’s collections for Palliser.  The furniture was comfortable and the designs were beautiful while still paying attention to quality.  I sat in, twirled around, opened and shut drawers on every piece. I even pulled aside a Palliser exec with a 6’2” frame to sit in and recline the sofa for me. I wanted to see exactly how a man of his stature would fit in the reclined position. I can now confidently recommend this piece to ALL of my clients.

You can only see his feet, but trust me, he’s comfy!

Consumers now have the ability to add some great Sarah Richardson design pieces to their homes in the form of quality rugs and throw blankets. Sarah and her team have created a line of rugs and throws that have been beautifully crafted to compliment all of her designs.  I love the patterns and hues shown in all of the rugs and throws. It’s easy to add Sarah style to your home.

Unfortunately, I have to share some bad news. Consumers will have to wait until the fall of 2019 for the collections to be released and ready for purchase. Wait! I have good news! I know where you can buy Sarah Richardson for Palliser!! It’s really close to home too!!! Any retailer that carries Palliser will have access to these amazing collections.


  1. Hello, I am waiting and wanting carpet selection for my living room as well as a selection that I have chosen from Sarah’s collection. Can you tell me where I can view her rooms/rugs,ease.

    1. Aren’t her rugs fabulous??!! I am anxious to get my hands on them as well. Her partnership is with Palliser so any retailers in your area that carry Palliser may carry the carpets as well. Each retailer that carries Palliser is not guaranteed the Sarah Richardson For Palliser lines or even all of the collections, so it is best to check with your individual retailer to see if they will be carrying them when they are released. I would make a point of expressing interest with your local Palliser retailer so that they can plan to request the line. Good luck!

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