Manufacturers care labels should be followed but the tips below will help you care for your bedding and keep it looking new longer. The bedding experts have weighed in and these are the top things to keep in mind when caring for your bedding.

Frequency Of Laundering

Anything that comes in direct contact with your skin should be laundered once a week. This includes, sheets, pillow cases and  if you sleep without a top sheet, duvet covers. Duvet covers can skip a week when a top sheet is used.

Items on the bed that are decorative and aren’t touched by your skin can be laundered much less often. Cleaning throws, quilts and decorative shams every three months is recommended.

Items that are protected by covers, cases and sheets such as duvets, pillows and mattress covers should be cleaned every 3-6 months. Depending on how these are constructed, a trip to the dry cleaners may be required.

Caring For Your Down Filled Items

Protecting your duvet inserts, pillows and down filled mattress covers is quite simple. Keep them covered! Duvet covers, pillow cases and sheets offer a layer of protection for our down filled bedding from the oils in our skin, dust (think yucky dust mites!), dirt and spills.

As long as your down filled items are protected, you will only need to launder once a season. That’s only 4x’s a year! Depending on the manufacturer’s directions, some down duvets require dry cleaning because of the cover, not the fill. Check you label to ensure if it can be put in the washer.

Be Proactive!

Making your bed everyday not only improves your state of mind but it also keeps the dust mites out! Keep those pesky critters at bay!

Fluff pillows and duvets while you are making your bed. This ensures that the filling remains evenly distributed and maintains their shape. Thus saving you money in not having to replace as often.

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