Ok! So, Hiring that guy would definitely help! Yes! A renovation can be sexy! Not with lace and silk pillows but with proper planning. Plan! Plan! Plan! And then plan some more!

I’ve seen a lot of renovations gone wrong. The wrong doing usually comes in the form of not blending the renovated space with existing spaces that haven’t been updated.

When planning to renovate, also plan to make small changes throughout your home so that the line between new and old is blurred. Here are my top 6 updates that you need to make in your existing spaces.

  1. Switches & Outlets – updating ALL light switches, switch plates and outlet covers to match what is being installed in the new space.
  2. Trim – Consider your baseboards, door/window trim and crown moldings. If the new space is getting new, more modern wider trim, then so should your existing spaces. What about colour? If you are installing painted trim, the dated stained trim in the rest of your home needs a sanding and a fresh coat of paint too.
  3. Light Fixtures – I do not subscribe to the matchy/matchy style but rather coordinating. Never, and I repeat NEVER find 1 light fixture and then install every member of it’s family throughout your home. Your fixture scheme should be a cohesive mix. Key word = MIX not Match. Light fixtures are so often overlooked when considering a renovation but having a cohesive fixture plan with updated styles offers your home so much value.
  4. Doors – Installing new interior doors with an updated profile? Replace all of your existing doors to match. Don’t forget the closet! I prefer solid wood doors for interiors. The weight offers a detail of luxury whereas the hollow core doors scream cheap. Once you go solid, you will never go back!
  5. Flooring – If installing new hardwood, please consider at least installing it throughout the rooms on the same floor. It is costly but you will love the update and totally worth the investment. You will also love the increase in resale value!
  6. Paint – With your newly renovated space all spiffy’d up, a fresh coat of paint throughout the rest of your home, will clean it up, update the colours and breathe new life into old spaces.

Now that you know how to blend the old with the new, contact me today to start planning your home renovation!

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